Trying to capture the liveliness of Crawford House is no small feat. Through widely shared video and other media, we hope to model for residents a spirit of curiosity, compassion and courage in our work and play.  

All Will Be Well: A Message from our Community: 

This video was crafted over two weeks, and includes the faces and messages of every resident of Crawford House 2017-2018, with music played and sung by residents and the FHOH. Prepared this together to offer encouragement during the first exam cycle of the year, the video was shared among our community (and even spread beyond our walls to cheer on residents of other Commons Houses.) 
Crawford House Hall of Fame: A Message for our Incoming Residents
Step One: Crawford Move-In Eve
Founders Day Dance Party
Videos from Previous Years
Brave: A Message Before Move-In
Riding the Roller Coaster to Founders Walk
Manna Manna: Welcome to Crawford House 2016-2017
The Mannequin Challenge
Dancing at Creed
What Happens During Breaks