Floor-Level Programming

In addition to the house-wide programming, Crawford regularly schedules informal, educational or play-based programs for individual floors or combinations of floors. 


Mentoring RAs who can model an enthusiastic balance of responsive care and energetic leadership is essential to the vision at Crawford House. Our entire team of House Staff works together to bring a spirit of joyful play to the House. 


Good-natured competition between floors builds ties among our residents. Our active social media ties are as frequently used for information about upcoming events as they are for informal connections between residents, RA Staff and the FHOH.


We hope to create an authentic "neighborhood" within Crawford within which residents are responsible for their own contributions and responsive to the needs of their community. 

In the 2017-2018 school year, Floor Programming again provided the substantive connector for residents to the house. Each floor celebrates its own culture, with unique programming that ranged from Crafting night on the 6th floor to regular floor-wide dinners for Craw3. Floor programming also expanded the opportunities for leadership from our Floor Reps, with each floor hosting no fewer than ten independent programs throughout the year and floor-pair programs designed and implemented by the HAC. Click on the pictures to the left to see some of our events from this year.