The Crawford Send-Off

The Crawford Send-Off is the final event of the year, celebrating the last day of the second semester and the end of our time together in Crawford House. 

The Send-Off is both an acknowledgement of the work and play we've shared throughout the year and a service event. In addition to great food, music and the creation of a house time-capsule to represent the experiences of that year's residents, the Send-Off is a clothing and supply drive for our service partner, the Oasis Center. Residents preparing to vacate their first year dorm rooms sort before they pack to identify gently used clothing and school supplies that can be offered to other teens. 

Implemented by the HAC,  the Send-Off is a joyful end to look back across the year and say goodbye to life on Commons. 

In 2017-2018, the Send-Off was again designed and implemented by the HAC, including a tie-dye Playdate to distribute our "La Crawford" themed shirts. Over a hundred residents joined together for the final playdate of the year to tie-dye their shirts in the Upper Quad before receiving the finished shirts the following week at Send-Off. 

At the Send-Off, residents enjoyed a last outdoor picnic together, reminiscent of our first-semester Upper Quad games of Capture the Flag and our Move-In Dance Party. Ending the year in the same space that we began offered a joyful closing to this time together.